Why Are Bugs Invading My Home in the Winter? AmeriPest Explains
Winter house with snow on it


Winter time is usually a slow time for bugs and pests invading your home. However, you still need to watch out for bugs that try to enter your home during colder months. Today’s blog from AmeriPest Solutions explains. 


Termites are active year-round, although they usually go unnoticed until spring when they begin to swarm out. Termites live in social colonies, much like ants, and they might be feasting on wooden beams within your home. Termites can cause huge amounts of damage over time. We offer expert termite control services at AmeriPest.


Bedbugs are a problem at any time of year, even if people aren’t traveling as much. Winter getaways and weekend vacations provide an opportunity for bedbugs to hitch a ride and come home with you, no matter where you go, warm or cold.


Ants live underground, but they can also get inside your home. How do they get into your home in winter? They live in potting soil in your flowers that you put outside in warm weather but then bring in for the winter. If you see one ant, there may be hundreds more somewhere because the lone ant is looking for food for his family.


Cockroaches can survive very cold temperatures down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. However, they cannot breed in temperatures below 40 degrees, making your home an ideal place for them to reside. If you see a roach, AmeriPest can help.

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