Bed Bug Infestation? AmeriPest Explains Why These Critters Are So Hard To Get Rid Of and What You Can Do About It
Woman holding magnifying glass looking for bed bugs


The bed bug population has exploded in developed countries since the 1980s. Scientists believe this is due to increased international travel. It does not matter what your socioeconomic status is because bed bugs don’t care if you live in an inner-city project or a gated community. They only want to use your blood to feed on. 

These critters are extremely resilient and difficult to get rid of. In today’s blog from AmeriPest Solutions, we’ll explain why and what can be done to rid them from your home or business. 

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Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, sleeping during the day and feeding at night. However, this isn’t a hard rule. These insects have been known to come out during the day if they’re really hungry.


Young bedbugs are the size of a pinhead. Adults are about the size of an apple seed. The earlier in their life cycle you can kill them, the better off you’ll be because they haven’t reached the fertility stage. Because the young are so tiny, they can be difficult to see. Chances are good bed bugs have already laid eggs by the time you see them. 

Stay Hidden

It’s the best diet in the world – eating every few months to a year. This is how bed bugs survive. They can go months or a year without feeding. Because of this, bed bugs don’t need to come out of hiding as often, making it difficult to find and exterminate them. 


Bed bugs love to stay indoors and on your stuff like coats, backpacks, luggage, car seats, and (of course) beds and bedding. They do not have a ‘season’ where there is an influx. Each adult female produces about one  to five eggs a day. If you have dozens of mature fertile females laying one to five eggs a day, that number can become exponentially hair-raising in a very short amount of time. 

It’s Not Just the Bed

Calling them ‘bed bugs’ is a misnomer. Bed bugs are actually very social creatures. They love to be where you are. This means they will travel with you to the couch or your favorite recliner. You can find them not only in hotels but also in movie theaters and restaurants, basically anywhere there are humans or animals to dine on. 

Getting Rid of Them

Now that you have read enough to make your skin crawl, let’s explore ways to get rid of them. These steps should be taken at the immediate sign of bed bugs

  • Vacuum surfaces in living areas. Pull out the couch cushions, and move furniture. Remember these tiny vampires love to hide. Vacuum in crevices of every piece of furniture. Vacuum the underside of furniture as well. Move furniture and get in corners of rooms. Leave no stone unturned. Empty vacuum contents far away from the home, like in dumpsters or containers outside. Do not leave the full canisters or bags in the house. 
  • Wash everything and everything, including comforters, throw pillows, curtains, backpacks, jackets, and hats. Wash on the hottest setting possible and dry in a dryer. 
  • Call a professional like AmeriPest Solutions. Since their rise in the 1980s, bed bugs have developed a resistance to many pesticides. AmeriPest uses a three-step heat remediation process to kill bed bugs, even ones that are hiding. We also offer a liquid treatment, as well, that is safe for animals and humans (but not for the bed bugs). 

Bed Bug Remediation by AmeriPest Solutions

If you are experiencing a bed bug infestation, do not let shame or loss of sleep affect you. Bed bugs are non-discriminating insects that can create so much anxiety, they will cause you to lose sleep. There are effective ways to eliminate these bugs and restore your home or business to a safe sanctuary of family happiness or business bliss. 

Contact the experts at AmeriPest Solutions. We’ll assess the situation, determine the best course of action, and control any pests on the premises. Call (479) 256-0086 with any questions.