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Termites cause millions of dollars worth of damage to homes and businesses each year. AmeriPest exterminators can eliminate entire termite colonies with our full-service termite control service that utilizes Termidor® HE, America’s #1 Termite Defense Product. We’ll also provide a thorough termite inspection, whether you’re a real estate client or in need of termite pretreatment for new construction project. After a termite inspection, we’ll suggest and implement a specialized termite treatment plan for you.


AmeriPest Solutions will conduct a thorough termite inspection in order to identify the best method for removing your home pests.


Preventative pre-construction treatments for termites are always recommended and sometimes required for new construction projects. AmeriPest Solutions helps you protect your new build from termites from the ground up.


Using Termidor® HE, our standard application ensures that your property gets maximum termite protection — guaranteed to be effective up to 10 years after initial termite treatment.


Pinholes on your interior walls, soft-looking walls inside your home, termite shelter tubes on your exterior foundation walls, termite swarmers on the interior of your home or around your flower/mulch beds.

No. We’ve found these to be too ineffective.

For pre-construction treatments (pre-treatment): Dominion or Premise Pre Construction. For post-Construction (conventional treatment): Termidor® HE America’s #1 Termite defense product.

Inspections start at $90, depending on size and structure of property. We offer free cost estimates.

Liquid treatment with Termidor® HE, America’s #1 termite defense product. Termite treatments can last up to 10 years. We offer a renewable warranty (terms & conditions apply).

A termite pre-treatment plan, before pouring foundation is the best option. The soil treatment option can also last up to 10 years.

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